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Do Not Waste Your Money, Here Are 3 Herbs That Prevent Your CHICKEN From Falling Sick

Is herbal safe for chickens? Does the use of herbs improve the flock's immune response? The answer to either question is yes! Chickens love herbs, so it is simple to use those natural compounds

1.Aloe Vera 

Aloe vera contains acemannan that has shown a beneficial effect on your chickens' hormone immune and cell immunity. It will need several leaves, which will match the number of chickens you have. 

2 pepper chili. 

This is one of the weeds that are most readily available and locally available in almost all families. The Chilli Pepper plant is known to most of you. It makes your chicken immune greatly and enhances your chickens' digestibility. We need some mature peppers to make our herbal solution 

3. Sunflower of Mexico. 

This plant is found highly along roads and paths. Mexican sunflower leaves are also an important part to prepare our herbal solution, which will quickly help your chickens fall sick


Assemble chili pepper, aloe vera, and sunflower leaves.

Grind the three types of grass separately and add a considerable amount of water and then mix the smooth particles. 

Sieve the solution after mixing to release large particles left unscrubbed and leave just the liquid solution. 


Leave the liquid solution and begin the management of the product after 12-15 hours. You must put the liquid solution into several canisters and place it in different places as you manage water and let the chicken sip for his pleasure. For those who let your chicks roam outside and for those who just put them in a room

Other herbs

are Mint, Oregano, Basil, Thyme and Lavender, and Sage which can be beneficial. Sage and Oregano are excellent for gut health and for preventing infections from Salmonella and coccidiosis as far as chicken and animal care are concerned (cocci). 

Lavender is a herb for infection, relaxation, smell protection, and the repulsion of pesticides. It is a stimulant for laying eggs, and chickens love it. Mint repels insects and rodents. Aromatic herbs are thyme and basil, so they repel plagues too. 

Thyme and basil are good for mucus membranes and thyme is perfect for maintaining the breathing tract safe or helping to restore breathability. It empowers you to know that grasses keep your pigs safe. 

I may immediately begin supportive care by visiting my herbal garden when I discover a possible health issue. In all, the great idea is to grow most herbs and add them to nest boxes or to feed daily. Naturally, people also greatly benefit from herbs.

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