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A Lady Who Had Offered To Employ Me Forced Me To Sleep With Her Dog While She Recorded A Video

Margaret from Naivasha revealed how a lady who had promised to employ her forced her to sleep with her dog while she recorded a video until her uterus was destroyed.

She was born in Nakuru to a single mother. Her mother died when she was still young and hadn't introduced her to any of her relatives. Her neighbour took her in but she went through a lot of mistreatment which forced her to go into the streets when she was 10.

In the streets, the boys slept with her InIn order to accept her and she immediately Conceived. After nine months she gave birth but life became hard a few months later and decided to relocate to Naivasha.

One day a lady stopped her and offered to employ her. She took her into the mansion but in the middle of the night, she went into her bedroom woke her up and asked her to undress.

She walked her through a corridor and opened a room where a dog came out. She forced her to enter a room where she tied her hands and started talking to the dog. The dog slept with her and the lady was recording a video.

She started bleeding and lost consciousness. She woke up in Kenyatta hospital. The doctors told her that she was taken there by a good samaritan who found her on the road.

The lady went to visit her and threatened to kill her if she ever expose her. She gave back her child and went back to living on the streets.


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Margaret Naivasha Nakuru


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