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Why Flamingos in East Africa Prefers Breeding in Tanzania's Salty Lake Than any Other.

Flamingos are among the most tourist attraction wild species in East Africa. Most lakes in the region contain flamingos and the offer a beauty of its kind.Their motion as a group is always amazing, flying high to the sky. Lake Nakuru is the most favourite area to watch exciting motions and beauty of flamingos in Kenya.

Flamingoes breeding is always what most scientist still research on and the reason why they don't like breeding in all lakes. However the exciting fact is that Lake Natrona in northern Tanzania is their favourite breeding lake.Hatching takes place mostly in the month a of September to April. This period is characterized by receding water level and provides the best mud suitable for nest construction.

Most Flamingoes are reported to migrating from various lakes in East African countries to this lake because the lake has alot of soda ash which is the best for construction of nest and nesting sites are separated from predators and human disturbance and also the perennial springs provides fresh water and food is abundant for the chicks.

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