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The Most Dangerous Dog Breeds Never To Be Kept at Any Homestead in Kenya

There are several dog breeds in the world and more have been bred to produce desired characteristics like strength and aggressiveness. Such dog breeding has resulted in existence of more dangerous dog breeds which can be deadly and difficult to command and train.

Tosa Inu

This is a Japanese dog breed commonly used for dog fighting. It is a very aggressive and formidable dog which can turn out to be dangerous if it is never trained properly. The breed is prohibited in several countries due to its dog bite related deaths.

Dogo Argentino

This is a native Argentinian Dog breed which has a very powerful physical strength. It is commonly used for hunting purposes due to its stamina and aggressive nature.

American Pitbull

American Put bull dog breed is one of the most aggressive and protective dog in the world. It also has great physical strength which can overwhelm anyone who gets on its way. This breed is forbidden in many countries especially in Europe.

Fila Brasileiro

This Brazilian dog is one of the most difficult to train since it mostly does not follow commands. It is also very protective of its owner and does not hesitate to attack any stranger. It has been known to be very aggressive to other dogs and domestic animals.

Which dog breed do you think is the most dangerous in the world.

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