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Top 5 laziest dog breeds to keep at home

1. English Bulldog

Bulldog, named as the "laziest king", fits the snoozing stereotype perfectly. Compare to the exercise, they like the good nap more. However, they need to stay health and keep figure through regular walks and play sessions.

2. French Bulldog

French bulldog is a little better than his English cousin regard of laziness. It's not the sleeping time but the playing nosie makes them different. He seldom bark and likes to work out around the block.

3. Havanese

With a cute face, the Havanese likes his social life including walks, exercises, and outings to make himself more fun. However, they don't mind snuggling the whole day on the couch since they may know that taking a good nap is the secret of keeping a good image.

4. Saint Bernard

As a giant breed, Saint Bernards require relatively minimal exercise despite his size. They can be named as the laziest dogs since they don't do exercises in both the cold and warm weather though with thick coats. Saint Bernard could be a great family companion due to their gentle temper.

5. Pug

Being playful and hilarious, the Pug doesn't make fun through activity. He would like to wander around indoors rather than to go outdoors since he is sensitive to the extreme temperatures.

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