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5 Craziest Things People Tried To Sneak In Through Airports

People from different cultures all over the world travel by air everyday through airports. This means that these people are very different and it is always very hard to know who is who and what they are carrying in their bags. Some people have been found with crazy things in the airports by the security guys. It would be very hard to believe that these people risked carrying those things if pictures of them were not taken. Below are 5 craziest things people tried to sneak in through airports but were found at security checkpoints.

1: Snakes

Some people have tried to sneak in snakes through airports. A woman was caught trying to smuggle snakes at Stockholm, Sweden's Airport.

2: Smuggling People In Bags

The picture above shows a person in a bag trying to be passed through the airport but unfortunately the security guy found the guy.

3: Baby Tiger

A baby tiger was found in a bag at Bangkok's International Airport and the suspect who is a woman denied that the luggage carrying the baby tiger belonged to her.

4: Pigeon

A man who travelled from Dubai to Melbourne Airport was found carrying pigeons under his tight pants.

5: Sneaking In IPhones

A man in China wanted to sell iPhones illegally so as to get a profit. He found a way of carrying the iPhones on his body by strapping them on his body.

Content created and supplied by: Michaelkilonzo97 (via Opera News )

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