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How Snakes Reproduce .

Female and Male snakes cannot be distinguished just by looking at thier exterior bodies .They do not have any external sex organs that will help distinguish between the two sexes .However , female snakes are usually larger in size than male snakes.

A female snake can give birth to 150 live young ones or lay about 100 eggs at a time .Unlike hens and other animals laying eggs , female snakes do not keep their eggs warm by sitting on them .However they take care of their eggs and babies by keep them safe from any harm for a couple of days after they give birth.

Snakes reproduce once or twice a year , some snakes lay eggs while others produce live young ones .An interesting fact about their reproduction is that they can reproduce sexually but also capable of reproducing asexually .Some snakes also combine the two birth methods that is they they produce eggs inside their bodies and hold them till they hatch and give birth to live young baby snakes.

Mating Process.

When the female snake is ready for the mating process , she producess a certain kind of phenoromones .This is a special type of scent that lets male snakes know she is ready .Phenoromones are produced from special glands present on snake's skin .

As the female moves about , she leaves a trail of her odour that makes it easier for a male snake that is mature to track her down .Male snakes mate with the females that produces the best smelling pheromerons , the better the smell , the healthier the female is .It is important to note that the male only chooses to mate with healthy females.

Asexual Reproduction In Snake.

Only some species of snakes are capable of reproducing asexually .These species include Copperheads and Cottonmouths.Asexual reproduction in snakes is called Parthenogenesis.In such snake species , the female can reproduce without mating with a male .These births are commonly known as Virgin births.

It is possible for a female snake to retain the male sperms in her Cloaca for a period of up to 6 years .As such , she might become pregnant anytime without actually mating .

How snakes make eggs .

Eggs are formed in the oviduct of a female snake .The oviduct of a female snake connects the ovaries and the uterus .When the eggs leave the ovaries travel to the uterus via the oviduct eggs are coated secrition which when combined with the with the protein fibres in the uterus form the shell of the egg.

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