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Untold Story About Why River Thiba Is Deadly

This is a river that supplies water to many Kirinyaga County. It also supplies water t neighbouring counties. It's source is from Mt Kenya. People around Kirinyaga uses the water for irrigation of rice and vegetables.

Once two boys and Three girl went to play around River Thiba. It was a taboo among people around Kirinyaga people. The children were Muslims and were unaware of the taboo. As they played one of the boys drown into the river. The other children went to save the child that drown. They all drown together in the process of saving the other. Their bodies were searched but never see.

There is a story about a Kirinyaga student who went to swim to Thiba river with his friends. The student drown into the river but because other were not able to swim well. They went to search for assistance. Professional swimmers come to rescue the body of the student. After a long search their efforts didn't yield anything. They didn't get the body of the student.

There is also a myth about a strange big animal that lives in River Thiba. The animal is believed to be so big. The people around Kirinyaga believes that if you see the animals you will live a long life and you are lucky.

The river has some points that are dangerous. The river has points where there is extreme deep. This points are risky because when you attempt to swim, it is said there are minimal chances to survive.

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