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See What This Kenyan Was Spotted Carrying That Might Land Him In Trouble

Kenyans would one of the most hilarious creatures in regards to their actions which never seem to be afraid nor ashamed of.

Precisely, a man was caught on camera while onboard a PSV vehicle carrying an anonymous cat next to his chest.

The cat seemed to be so comfortable on the man's arms as it looked lively and active just from the way it was staring back.

However, what many would not remember is that it's one of the illegal things under the kenyan constitution under Cap 360 to transport animals in such a manner.

According to the law, the man's act would see him land in the hands of the law as it is stated clearly that any person who transports an animal by sea, air, road or rail, or who causes or permits an animal to be so transported, in a way likely to cause injury or unnecessary suffering to that animal, shall be guilty of an offence.

The law is just clear as the man does not remember the exposure of the cat might lead him to serious case if any harm or injury is reported.

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