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The K-9 Police dog given an honourable funeral(Photos)

Life and health are valuable in the world, and as they say; death is inevitable. When a person dies, his family, friends, and relatives organize a burial. The burial is done depending on how important the person was to the people he/she left.

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For animals, things are totally different, they are disposed of almost immediately without any proper and honorable way of doing it. However for K9 a famous police dog while before his death was highly respected for it's incredible skills, he was given an honorable funeral.

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The K-9 from the US Police Department was accidentally shot dead on duty. The dog suffered a gunshot wound and despite being rushed to a nearby veterinary hospital, he died.

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His Burial

It is reported that approximately 1000 people including policemen and civilians attended the funeral. The dog was placed in a coffin covered with a US flag. K-9 police dogs also attended the ceremony to pay the last respect.

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