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Five Animals That Are Likely To Go Extinct

We live in a funny world, where discoveries keep taking place. Yet, even as discoveries keep happening, it's interesting and scary at the same time to note that there are several species of animals that are being pushed to extinction.

Some of these animals are:

1. The Sumatran Orangutan.

This animal is greatly endangered. The population of Sumatran Orangutan has declined more than 80 percent in the last seventy.

2. Polar Bear.

Several factors have contributed to their decline. Some of these are loss of habitat and climate change. The animals are estimated to be extinct within 100 years from now.

3. Siberian Tiger.

The beautiful animals are already on the verge of extinction. They are the world's largest cats. There are estimated to be fewer than 500 Siberian tigers living in the world today.

4. Humpback whale.

These are some of the most endangered sea species. They continue to be a target and, their numbers are greatly on the decline.

5. Black Rhino.

Rhinos are one of the oldest groups of mammals in the world. Only an estimated 5,000 species of black rhinos are left on Earth.

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