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10 Most Ferocious Dogs In The World

PHOTO: American Pitbull Terrier

Dogs are the most loyal of all animals ever domesticated by human beings.

Some are great shepherds and guards like the German shepherds and the mastiff dogs.

But there are some who are very dangerous and ferocious unless they are well trained, they can cause severe damages or even deaths.

Dog breeding is illegal in most of the countries as there were several cases of rabies due to dog bites and deaths reported in various countries due to these dangerous dogs.

The following photos are various types of these dogs:

1. The American Pitbull Terrier

2. Japanese Tosa Inu

3. Fila Brasileiro

4. Presa Canario

5. Dogo Argentino

6. Boerboel

7. Wolf dog

8. Neapolitan Mastiff

9. Bandog

10. American Bulldog

So, be careful when choosing the kind of dog breed or else, you might end up choosing the wrong breed.

Worst of it all, you might be fined or given a full jail term sentence since majority of these dog breed are illegal.

Content created and supplied by: Pablo254 (via Opera News )

American Bulldog American Pitbull Terrier Fila Brasileiro Presa Canario Tosa Inu


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