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Ways to Use Salt and Onions to get rid of Rats, Snakes and Scorpions

Ways to Use Salt and Onions to get rid of Rats, Snakes and Scorpions

That is the best way to Use Salt and Onions to eliminate rats, snakes and Scorpions in your home and every body should try this hack and see that even the house rat as well can be eliminated .

These aforementioned animals are imagined to be inside the forest and by no means live around humans , but these days you can see snakes creeping into homes and as well scorpion and these animals are venomous and are additional deadly for anybody to take into consideration.

Most snakes are venomous to the extent that they may kill in seconds , since venom have a high velocity and let's not even talk about some species of scorpion, they are as well dangerous and can kill within seconds.

Among the finest methods to stay alive is to attempt and guarantee these animals do not come close to our homes and premises because they are very dangerous animals and anyone would first kill a snake the moment that you sees it, as well as scorpion.

Another animal is the house rat, which is a rodent who goes within the corners of every home destroying valuable things and causing dirt's around the corners of the house and with that annoying thing one would not like to see a rat running around the house and can scare some people who are allergic to house rats.

So, what it's advisable now so is get cooking onions and garlic then some salt and lemon grass as well.

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Things to do to get rid of snakes and scorpion and rats

The first thing to do is to peel the onions and garlic and drop them at different corners of your environment. The odor is highly string and effective enough to repel these deadly snakes and scorpions and also rats do not stand a possibility to near this direction where this onions and salts are placed.

Again ,the second thing to do is to get a jar and fill it up with some gin with strong alcohol , you can then soak your onions, garlic, lemon grass and salt, then leave it for two weeks and also you then spray the liquid around your house each week.

In Conclusion

These tips are some home made tricks to make these rodent and venomous animals run away so fast from your environment and can be helpful to avoid the dangers of being bitten by a snake and scorpion which can cause immediate death so fast.

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