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Must See: 10 Headed Animals from Around the World

Have you ever seen or heard of two headed animals? Maybe yes or no but good news for you, I have done my research and come up with some of them around the world.

1) 2 headed calf.

Born in South India in 2018, the calf had 2 faces atouched to it's scal but shared a single body. It has 2 heads, 2 snouts, 3 eyes but one pair of ears and one mouth.

People said that it wouldn't survive very long but the calf surprised them all by living on.

2) 2 headed pig.

It was born in China in 2017, a veterinary said that the pig was put in a state where it wouldn't survive long.

3) 2 headed turtle.

When the 2 headed turtle was found, experts wanted to study it but unfortunately the turtle died before the experts carried out their study.

4) 2 headed bird.

A woman made the unusual discovery of the bird with 2 heads.The bird had been flying around her property for several days and she noticed, it looked strange and she decided to take a closer look.

She founded the diformed bird had hatched on a branch and saw it had 2 heads, 2 eyes and 3 beaks.

5) 2 headed dolphin.

Fishermen of the coast of the Netherlands were astonished to see the strangest catch of their lives, they had caught a 2 headed dolphin making it the world's first recorded case.

6) 2 headed goat.

The family of which it was born is treating it with care and hope it will survive because they are keeping it as a pet

7) 2 headed rattle snake.

This reptile was found by a group of environmentalist who were studying the forest in New Jersey, USA.

8) 2 headed kitten.

Would you keep a 2 headed kitten if someone gave you one for free? Not many would do that but then again there are kind souls on Earth and Betty B is one of them. As a rescue animal, Betty B had one before it passed away.

9) 2 headed fawn.

10) 2 headed beared dragon.

Which one of these animals did you find fascinating let me know in the comment section below.

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