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Why Lions Don't Attack People In Safari Vehicles

Predators like the Lions are more interested in the movements of their prey than more details.

This can explain why the predator are always chasing the antelopes and those small prey due to their constant movement especially when they feel the presence of danger near them than the big animals such as the Elephants which are not shaken by the presence of such predators as lions

So when they see a Safari Vehicle which is always slow, all they see is one big beast with some appendices on top. Just like adult Rhinos and Elephants, big and potentially powerful animals don't interest them as they are very clever and know the hunting effort is just not worth it.

Despite all this, a lot of attention is required because the predators are intelligent animals, if someone stands up and detaches himself from the "beast body", the predators may take time to investigate and may even attempt attacking.

Incase the predators decide to attack, well we all know what would happen! And this is why there are normally local guides to orient you on when to stand, take pictures, and even when to get out of the vehicle.

Some private game reserve also trains the animals to get used to human presence especially where open Safari Vehicles are used.

In some instances, the game reserve owners are forced to gun down the predators which are aggressive more so where an open Safari Vehicle is used.

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