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Unknown Creature Discovered in Philippines

This world has a lot more creatures than you can ever think of. You think you know almost all creatures then you realise there are some you don't know about. The are many undiscovered species of animals, somebody would argue if they are undiscovered then how do we know such species exist?

Day after day new creatures is being discovered. This means that humans have not yet interacted with all animal species that are there.

Some of these animals are rare to be seen because of their few numbers or the habitat they choose.

In the images below, an unidentified creature was discovered by some Fishermen in Philipines. The creature mysterious and scary to look at.

The creature has some similarities to a seal. It weighs thousands of pounds. It has two goldish small tasks. It also has two hands that enables it swim.

[IMAGE Unkwown creature in Singapore]

[IMAGE Unkwown creature in Singapore]

So what name should we give to this mysterious visitor?

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