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The Main Difference Between Original Identity Card and Huduma Namba Cards To Be Rolled Out in Kenya

As per the government directions in the year 2019, each and every individual was supposed to participate in the just started huduma Namba registration process to be able to acquire the huduma card. The cards are now ready and specific individuals are collecting them in different locations of the country after 2 years of waiting. After the huduma Namba Cards are out, for some of us who are very keen on observing things at a close range have realized that they have a an electronic chip terminal on them. This makes the main difference between the current identity cards and the huduma number cards.

As per my own experience on electronic chip terminals put on many cards just like simcard lines, ATMs and now huduma cards its to allow individuals to access government services technologically. This means that just as how an individual uses ATM card in the bank inorder to withdraw money from the machines, an person will now be required to use the huduma Namba Cards to access medical services in the hospitals, this means that cards are interconnected to the now nhif and nssf cards.

Another prime purpose as to why the huduma cards is put the electronic chip terminals as to be able notify when an individual gets services from the government or gets any other source of income as Individuals get employed by different organizations. To get any service from Kenya it will mean that you may be needed to have the huduma Namba card. Services like getting kra pins, nssf, nhif or any compliance certificate will need you to have the huduma cards. The implication of the electronic chip terminal that after performing the transactions, an individual could pay using the huduma namba since it's made in a more technological manner.

The summary in points for putting the electronic chip terminals which were not previously on the ID cards would be;

1.To allow the government to meet its agenda of putting all government services under one card.

2.To ease the government in collecting tax if and individual makes transactions using the card.

3.To ease individuals by not carrying many files and documents in offices.

Thank you for reading.

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