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Why Your Huduma Card Is Not Yet Found At Pick Up Point

The Kenya government carried out the exercise of registering the citizens each to have Huduma card which will replace the national identification card. Many people are currently receiving short messages with a link which requires them to indicate where they will pick up their Huduma card.

Those who indicated their pick up points earlier are now further given a text message showing that their Huduma cards are delivered at the county and sub-county office where they were to pick up their cards.

This is interesting and once the message reach people, they feel happy and hurry up to the office eager to see their Huduma cards. The most unfortunate issue is that most of the people find nothing and work out empty hand after missing their cards in the office.

The major reason why you may not find your card at this early times is that, the card is still on transit and you need to wait a bit for it to reach at the sub- county.

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