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Two Easy And Fast Ways Of Making Money During Free Time

satisfying financial freedom cravings, as well as a way of becoming independent. 

There are two major brilliant ideas on how to easily make money during free time I want to share in this article, thus take time and go through it. 

1. Posting videos on YouTube

 This is an app that pays for the number of views and subscriptions. All you need is to open a channel, post your content and once it's verified you can publicize it to get more traffic, also high level of creativity is a key factor to attract more audience to your page. Other apps like Instagram, twitter and tiktok also pay for likes, comments and shares. This is a good chance of being hired by major companies to advertise their products in your account. 

2. Freelancing 

Entails academic writing, captioning and transcription, as well as forex trading. Requires a short training plus good access to internet. In writing, you are given a specific topic, research, paraphrase and get paid per page or at the agreed price. Moreover, the other one deals with watching a video, then create an audio. These jobs are mostly sponsored by the United States of America. 

Hence this becomes an extra source of income , since you can do it anywhere, anything without affecting the daily schedules.

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