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6 Unexpected Uses For Everyday Items That Might Save Your Life One Day

Credit card

A credit card is known to be very important when it comes to money and banking, but it also has another use, with the help of this credit card, it can be used to scrape upwards towards the sting to pull it out,

Bra cups

Sometime we found ourselves in an emergency situation that need s an immediate help at hand. In a condition where it is difficult for you to breathe because of debris, smoke or dust particles and easy solution is using bra cups to cover your face and prevent chocking. It will prevent toxic particles from getting into the respiratory system.

Shoe laces

They are multi-functional and can save you from tough situations at times. Their most popular use is as a rope to tie between 2 trees or pillars and any piece of cloth or plastic can be hungover it to make a temporary shelter. Also it can be used as a fishing line if tied to a sharp hook. The laces also can start a fire by using the bow and drill method. They need to be tied to the drill in such a way that when you saw back and forth to generate hot shavings, fire triggered.


They are known to warm and keep our feet cozy, they can also be used to collect and filter during water during survival conditions. The water might be purified but at least can get you rid of impurities and perhaps some tiny living organisms too.


Mostly we consider wearing glasses to protect our eye, but what you need to know is that they can also be used to start fire just the way magnifying glass does it using the sun rays. You only need to collect some tinder and putt the glasses at least one foot away from it. Then angle the glasses in such a way that the sun light concentrates on a small point. Gently blow on the tinder until it ignites and the fire is stable.

Tuna tin case

The can always carries a very delicious tuna inside, but it also has enough oil inside to burn a candle for 2 to 3 hours. Simply make a small hole on the top of the can then insert a quickly made cotton wick and let it soak up some oil until it reaches the top of the wick. Light it up when you’re done, it should stay lit for 2-3 hours.

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