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Business Management analysis

"Stop Borrowing Money From Your Parents," Start This Business Today And Make 800 per Day

Many youths are struggling everyday to buy basic needs such as food, clothes and shelter. There are many business opportunities outside here and you can stop depending your relatives through making your own money.

Like any other business, you must be focused and determined so as to earn high profit. Furthermore, you can avoid irrelevant meetings and take you time managing your business. To succeed in any business, you must have a business plan. Business plan is essential document that guide you on how to manage business smoothly without any challenge and to reduce losses

Start selling chips.

You can start this business and earn daily. You need the following.

a) Potatoes two tins @ Ksh 600

b) Cooking oil, 3 litres @ Ksh 600

c) Source of heat, use charcoal burner. You can buy one sack of charcoal @Ksh 800 depending on your location.

d) Tomatoes sauce, pepper and onion @ Ksh500

e) A good house for selling chips @ 1500 per month depending in your location

All this may cost you approximately Ksh4000 to Ksh 6,000. Furthermore you are required to attract your customers by maintaining proper sanitation because many customers like cleanliness. Suppose you sell for 100 customers and each giving you 30 bob. It means you will definitely get ksh, 3000. Then after deducting expenses, you will approximate get ksh 700 to ksh 800 per day. If you target more than 150 customers per day, definitely you will pocket good amount of money per day. Furthermore, you can save money and investing in other businesses

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