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What you Should do Incase the Reversal Doesn't Work After You Send Money to the Wrong Number

Nowadays so many people transact through the mpesa, as one of the ways of avoiding losing money, the service provider gives an option of reversing the transaction incase you realize that you sent money to the wrong number. Sometimes this doesn't work time like now when so many people are in fuliza. One of the main question so many people keep asking is how one can be able to get money back in see the reversal doesn't work.It is always very important that at anytime you are sending money you have in mind the name of the recipient you want to send money. This is so important because if you realize that the name you expected didn't appear you can cancel your transaction before sending the money. Once you confirm the number you would like to send money, you are given 25 seconds to confirm the name of the receipt and complete the transaction.

Incase the reversal doesn't work, you can make a call the the number you sent money by mistake. Ask the person to send you back the money, if he is a good person you will be lucky to receive your money back. Incase someone sends you money by mistake it is wise to give it back because at one time you may find yourself in such a situation.

If the person refuses to send your money back, you can call Safaricom customer care or visit the nearest Safaricom shop.After they confirm the transact they will make a call to the person to send back the money of face the law consequences. Right now the sim cards are registered with national identification which makes it so easy to tract someone and also to make him or her face the law. Make sure you just visit the customer care as fast as you can.

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