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If You Somebody Sends Money To Your Mpesa By Mistake, This Is What You Need To Do

People make a crime of withdrawing money that has been sent to their mpesa account by mistake and this can land you in prison easily. You might consider it a blessing to take the money but many people usually end up serving over one year imprisonment for doing so. If somebody accidentally sends money to your mpesa, this is what you need to do;

1. Check your mpesa balance.

Some people may try to steal from you by telling you that they have sent money to your account. Confirm your current balance to see if more money has dded up to the previous one you had.

2. If you get a phone call, pick it.

It is not wise to switch off your phone once you realize that you have received money that was not meant for you. When the owner of the money calls, ensure to pick your phone and have a conversation with them.

3. You don't have to send back the money.

You might incur losses if you choose to send back the money to the owner. Advise the owner to reverse the transaction from his side or assure him to call Safaricom customer care to reverse the money for him or her.

Unless the owner offers to appreciate you for your honesty, avoid giving yourself a share of the money. Thank you!

Content created and supplied by: Wanjirukev97 (via Opera News )


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