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7 Modern Ways To Make Money Online In Kenya

Let's take a look at modern ways to make money online in Kenya.

Do you want to make money? of course. Everyone must make money. The Internet has changed the way we do business. It opens up boundaries and removes restrictions on what can and can be achieved depending on geographic location or financial resources. As long as you have a computer, internet connection, and personal drive, nothing can stop you from making money online.

 1. Blogging

 A blog is an information website where authors can share their views on selected topics. There are many lucrative blogging areas. Photography, health, fitness, occupation, fashion, gardening and finance are just a few examples. You can monetize your blog:

i) Advertise on your website. Ads are advertised at cost-per-click (CPC) or cost-per-thousand impressions (CPM). With CPC, when readers click on your ad, you pay when they click on your ad, but with CPM, you pay based on the number of people who see your ad. If this is your preferred method of generating revenue, please consider using Google Adsense.

 ii) Selling personal ads and sponsored posts) Affiliate marketing:

iii) In this case, you can write a blog about your products, and advertisers pay one for each click.



 E-commerce is the process of selling and purchasing goods and services through the Internet. The industry is booming, and the easiest starting point is direct sales. This is the practice of buying from a third-party supplier and shipping the product directly to the customer instead of keeping an inventory of the products they sell in the store. The seller did not see or process the item.

3) Web development, design and freelance support

You have skills. You learn HTML and CSS, PHP. Python and MySQL. You can be your own boss. Getting started as a freelancer is not easy. You must be strict with yourself, but the benefits are huge. Set flexible working hours and wages and be your boss. He also solved interesting projects and achieved a better balance between life and work. Another reason you might consider becoming a freelance developer is the severe shortage and high cost of global developers

4) Provision of digital marketing services

If you have the skills to market products and services online, someone will be willing to pay for your services. Popular types of digital marketing include:

 i) Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 

ii) Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

 iii) Social Media Marketing (SMM) 

iv) Email Marketing v) Online Advertising (Google Ads and Facebook Ads)

 vi) Impact Marketing on Facebook, Instagram and/or if you have a lot of Twitter followers, you can promote other brands’ products anin

5) Create an informative and fun YouTube channel.

YouTube is the world’s largest video hosting site, with more than 5 billion videos watched every day. It is the second largest search engine, and most users get information and entertainment through it. Once you reach 1,000 subscribers/4,000 hours of viewing time, you can launch your channel and start generating advertising revenue. It can be in

6) podcast recording

People are getting busy every day and are looking for passive ways to consume content. This is why podcasting is so popular now, it is a great opportunity to build an audience and make money. Here are some ways to monetize podcasts: i) Go to YouTube and monetize through advertising ii) Find existing sponsors (ads) iii) Sell your own products. One of the most successful and popular podcasts is John Lee Dumas of Sh20M. He produced the one-month podcast Entrepreneur on Fire.

7) Writing and selling e-books

Did you know that you can make a lot of money online by packaging your knowledge into downloadable books that help people start a business, gain new skills, and develop their careers? You can sell e-books on Amazon. Amazon Self-Publishing gives you access to multiple destinations to sell your books. Take 30% as a commission and leave the rest to you.

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