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How to level up in your 20's (finance, faith, goals & money)

You ought to do so many things while still in your 20's. These things are in no particular order. Prioritize whatever works out for you.

1. Level up your mind

Read books, watch you tube videos,go to seminars, attend conferences, buy courses etc.Knowledge is power, and this is not just a cliche. Do it and believe it because knowledge truly is power, even better, knowledge applied brings success.People often ask me to recommend them a books to read. Any day, anytime, I will recommend Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki.This book is very phenomenal, way ahead of it's time. It's very relevant to a person whose mindset is to build wealth. Get your knowledge up in your 20's, it is the best time to start.

2.Learn a new skill

It is encouraged to learn a new skill while still in your 20's.If you're looking for a place to learn a new skill, you need to check out skillshare app. It's an online learning community with thousands of inspiring classes for creative and curious people. Explore new skills, develop existing interests and get lost in the world of creativity.They have an amazing list of courses in different niches; creative writing, fine arts ,graphic design,animations, marketing, lifestyle, productivity etc. Pick one of those and challenge yourself to learn a new skill this year.

3.Create a routine

Routine form your habits. I don't know about you, bt I'm a structural thinker. I like to think systematically in order.Creating a solid routine in your younger years sets you up for success in the future.Routines create consistency which creates faith. If you have a system that works, you have more faith.Having a routine is better than just waking up at any time, having no plan or strategy.

4.Get in shape

Trust me, the older you get the harder it becomes to loose that stubborn fat.You ought to get in shape, for ladies, so that you stay in shape even after pregnancy so that you don't spread out.Being in your best shape helps you snap back quickly after child birth.The earlier you start loosing weight, the better your life will be.

5.Travel at least once a year.

Traveling will open your mind.Some of us think that we know it all bt it ain't the case if you have never left your country.You haven't figured out life until you have seen different cultures, religions, people, social status etc.I know you'd think you can't afford it bt it's possible if you have a source of income and manage it well. You need not to say you can't afford it, bt rather how can you afford it.

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