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Checkout the Amount of Money you Will Have if you Start Saving 2500 Every Month in Your M-shwari

M-shwari is one of the best platforms where you can start to save your money and also earn good interest. By saving in your m-shwari account you also get to build your loan limit. By this i mean the more you save on this platform, the higher loan limit you receive. Secondly, it is easily to access these loans without the need for guarantors or more details. The best thing is that m-shwari is directly connected to your mpesa and so it us very easy to deposit or withdraw money to your account.In m-shwari there are two accounts, there is a current account which never accumulate any interest and there is the locked saving account which you can earn interest on the amount of money you in your account. M-shwari never have a minimum amount of deposit, this means you can deposit any amount of money you want.

Let say for an example you start saving 2500 in a month for about one year. M-shwari pays an interest of 3 percent interest per unum on any amount from one shilling to 20,000.This means that if you save for ten months you will be getting an interest at a rate of 3 percent. Secondly, m-shwari pays interest of 5 percent for amount from 20001 to 50,000.

This means that if you save for one year you will have a total of 30,000 plus interest. The best thing about saving with saving on m-shwari is that it is easy to deposit from your mpesa. If you need to do a certain project you can purpose to save and in time you will need enough money you need to start your project

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