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Reasons as to Why You are Being Denied Loans On Different Loan Apps.

There are different loan apps that are giving people money especially during this hard times amidst of Corona virus pandemic. Different people have different loan limits and this is helping them a lot. Some of these loan apps are,Zenka,Tala,Branch,KCB Mpesa,M-shwari and many others.

It has come to my notice that not all people who have these loan apps are given the money,some people are being denied because of different reasons.

1.Your Credit Rating Bureau Status.

If you have been listed with the CRB then you will be denied loans from an loan lending platform. This means you may have delayed paying your recent loan or you have unpaid loan.

2.You are not saving with them.

Especially with KCB Mpesa or M-shwari platforms. You have to save with them some amount of money before they give you the loan limit.

3.Use your Mpesa account frequently.

This will give you the opportunity to be given loans by loan giving apps and increase your limit as well.

Content created and supplied by: PaulaRyan (via Opera News )

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