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How You Earn Your Money From Selling Your Time

For as long as you earn your money from selling your time, everything will seem expensive because it'll feel like you're buying those things with your life. And you are. That's why every purchase will be painful.

If you had to work for a whole month to earn that bundle of thousands, every last one of those thousands will feel like a piece of you. And spending it will come with a pinch. It's your blood and sweat.

But if instead, you switch to earning money by metric other than just your time, suddenly the money isn't all that painstaking. If you use your creativity, for instance, the whole game changes. You no longer wait for a fixed amount to be given to you after a month. Instead, you come up with an idea, sell it in the market place and come home with money.

Of course, it's still your effort, but it wasn't earned with as much difficulty and the amount is totally up to you. Do you want a million shillings? Then sell an idea worth a million shillings. Do you want a hundred million? Same answer.

So a creative will spend more liberally because they have a larger latitude of earning than a monthly earner. Again, you don't have to become self-employed to earn this way. You can sell your ideas within your employment. The problem is that most people settle at just working and waiting for the end month.

If you focused your mind on solving problems creatively, within a very short time you'll have turned the tables in such a way that you're no longer just a staff but a partner. You sell solutions and results at the prices you determine. And employers will beg you to be on their team at any price.

Remember all employers have one thing in common: they're trying to win. And if you help them win better, you're in control. They need you and they can't help it, whether they like you or not. The key is with you: learn to generate solutions for sale or continue doing just what you're told.


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