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How You Can Help Beyond Money

Unfortunately, we have reduced help to just financial. Sometimes the help someone needs is a warm visit from you.

You holding their hand and praying for them, you listening to them as they open up, and you keeping them company as they recover in bed.

You take them out on a date and give them new pleasant memories, you offer to babysit their children so that they can breathe for a while.

You give them a book or articles that will help them in their situation, and you point them to job opportunities or business ventures.

You mentor them to acquire a skill, you run errands for them to take a load off their time, and you support their business by being a client.

You speak to them kindly when the rest of the world is tearing them apart, and you book them a counseling session when they are stuck.

You writing to them with encouraging words. You can help without money, you can help beyond money.

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