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Guide To Personal Finance

I started my personal Finance because i was broke growing up and vowed to end the cycle. I didn’t know the first thing about personal finance or how to manage money when i was in high school, but i knew it was important to be responsible.

So i read everything i could about money for YEARS. The truth is i would’ve done anything for a beginner’s guide to personal finance like this.

That is why i want to share everything i've learned with you so that you can improve your financial life and stop living paycheck to paycheck.

My ultimate goal is to help you save enough money so that your kids won’t have to support you when you get old.

In this personal finance guide for beginners, i'll show you the way.

I always thought that personal finance was complicated and too confusing to understand unless you were an accountant. After reading articles on finance on different platforms i realize it doesn’t need to be complicated.

Personal finance boils down to a few simple steps that are easy to follow.

You may spend a lot more time on some steps than other steps. If it takes you 6 months or a year to make it to the next stop of the Guide to Personal Finance, that’s okay! The most important thing is to stick with it.

Go ahead and bookmark this Guide to Personal Finance, because you’re going to keep coming back to it throughout your journey.

Simple steps to personal finance

1. Learn To Live Within Your Means.

2. Contribute Enough To Earn The Full Employer Match.

3. Pay Down Your High Interest Debt

4. Put Up Your Emergency Savings

5. Open up a retirement account that has tax benefits.

6. Pay Down Your Moderate Interest Rate Debt -this moderate interest debt can include personal loans, subsidized student loans, and other moderate interest loans.

7. Top Out Your Retirement Savings

8. Save For Your Wildest Dreams

Content created and supplied by: Bonniekoskei (via Opera News )


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