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Top 5 Instant Loan apps in Kenya

With digitalization of everything, creditors are catching up with this trend.

Right now, one can request a loan in a matter of minutes, provided you have a smartphone and a good credit ratings.

These are some of the apps that over digital loans in Kenya.

1. Branch

Branch is an app, which operates in Kenya, Ghana, Tanzania and some other countries.

It has no office in the said countries but they have customer cares.

To get a loan from Branch, all you have to do is register with your identification documents and verification.

Loan limits are between 500 and 2000 Kenya shillings for new customers and can grow up to Ksh 70000 depending on your repayment.

2. OKash.

Okash too offers a quickest method to get loans. All you have to do is a simple registration and approval to get a loan.

3. Tala.

Tala has been trusted by over one hundred thousand Kenyan youths for instant loans. Registration and verification takes between 5 to 8 minutes.

4. Opesa

5. M-shwari.

One thing about this apps is that, the repayment period is between two weeks and one month.

Failure to repay their loans attracts a negative credit ratings. One can also be blacklisted in CRB which affects your ability to borrow loans in future

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