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3 Important financial lessons you should have.

Many problems in the world is due to financial illiteracy, let's go through some of the financial education you should have.

Invest in what you know

Don't invest because other people are investing, make sure you do deep research on what you want to invest.For example if you want to invest on Real estate, make sure you know the cost of building, the modern way of building, what the tenants like and others.

saving and debt

Debt is one of the things which is denying many people financial freedom, Don't be easily convinced by Television and Radio adverts,remamber this, debtors make the Bank reach,employers make the employees reach.make sure you have a strategic plan before you take a loan.Never take a loan for pleasure.

Budget strategy

Think about family problems like,divorce, domestic violence and others, they all revolve around money. The advantage of budgeting is that you will always have some extra ammpunt to save.make sure you make your budget once you receive your Earnings.

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