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TIGHT BUDGET? Don't panic. How to go about your daily expenses with a slim wallet

Times have been so uncertain for many people. There have been losses of jobs, and a decline of market for business people

This has led to a slimming of peoples' accounts, and reduced income. It has proved hard for most people to survive such challenges.

I hereby present to you a step by step guide on how to handle your finances, even during such times.

  1. Ensure you are fully aware of the size of your income
  2. Write down a rough estimate of your recurrent monthly expenses
  3. Give your tithe to your church (10%)
  4. Take 30% and direct it towards an investment
  5. Take 20% and save it into a lock saving
  6. The remaining 40% is now for your rent/mortgages, food, travel, entertainment, miscellaneous etc. Just ensure everything necessary gets a portion in your budget, however little
  7. When you notice that your expenses for the different items are really surpressed, learn to live that way.
  8. Never reduce your savings and your investments
  9. Be disciplined, live within your means

we must agree that money can never be enough, therefore we must learn to optimize the little we have and be happy.

You can give your view about the same on the comments section below.

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