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Good News To HELB Beneficiaries

Today Higher Education Loans Board has aasured students who have not received their HELB loan that it will be ready by Thursday. This is after many students have been complaining about delays in the loan disbursement. This time there has been a long delay as the government had not given this money. Therefore, there was no option but to wait until the government takes a step.Today at around 12.35 pm This HELB tweeted this statement that brought hope to many students as seen from their retweets.

"We have today received the Financial year 2020/21 Quarter three Capitation of Ksh. 2.8 Billion from the National Treasury. The pending student loan payments are currently being addressed and will be concluded by Thursday 18th March 2021."

Many students have been starving and complaining so much about the delays. This was serious to a point where many university students started complsinig about lack of food as there is no money to buy it. This news will al least light up campus students' faces. Some were fainting in lecture rooms. Hunger in campuses makes students not to attend lectures and even give up in their education.

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