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Ever Wondered Why You Are Poor Yet You Are On Salary, Here Is Why

The Kenyan Currency With Different Values In Price.

People are poor around the world yet they are on a payroll making them confused as to why they are on stagnation yet have money.

Below we have highlighted some of the reasons that have been key in pulling one's progress behind.

1. Lack Of Proper Planning

It is common for a lot of people not to plan for their salaries, these behaviour mostly leads to overspending or un-neccesary expenditure, this then leaves one with nothing.

2. Lack Of Investment

Sometimes it's a wice thing to invest somewhere . Not only can one invest in business but also shares that may yield profit after a certain period of time.

3. Lack Of Fighting Spirit

Times in life one tries to do something and it fails. Only a few will pick up the pieces later and start again while majority give up and let go.

4. Making Wrong Decisions

With the flow of money and a good salary,the option of having fun is always in mind and hence alot of people spend more money on luxurious things rather than those with a promising futuré such as land and busineses.(I/C)

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