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How HELB Loans Cause Depression Among The Kenyan Youths

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A section of the Kenyans have complained about HELB loans which become very difficult to repay once they leave school and still remain unemployed for a long time. As a result, many face penalties whose payment they are usually uncertain about.

A report by one local radio station revealed that the loan is among the leading causes of depression among graduates. Conventionally, a defaulter is fined Sh5000 every month. This together with the accumulated interest leads to a series of thoughts among the jobless graduates.

The unemployment rate in the country is still alarming and a large number of young people end up frustrated as they continue to receive HELB notifications but do not know how to pay the debts.

Another major depression cause is corruption. It is the mother of all causes of difficult living. The Kenyan youth are living in a difficult time as they find it hard to secure jobs amid a deteriorating economy.

According to the report, HELB gives graduates a relatively short time, about 12 months, to start repaying the loan. According to many graduates, they spend more than a year to secure a job with some extending to the fifth year after graduation.

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