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Earn Kshs1000 Daily With This Idea

It goes without a word that many people are unemployed these days. Nevertheless, we all need to pay our bills and that of the family to live a smooth life. How is this possible however without a source of income? Many people have ventured into business and it works a great deal. In today's article, I will discuss with you how boda boda business will earn you good cash.

Many people have ventured into this business and to succeed you need to be smart. How do you go about it yet? It is easy. Once you get your boda all you need to do is locate your locality.

Raising capital for this can be a hard task for some people. Thank heavens! There are lenders these days that will offer you the motorbike at a deposit of 15000 a day. It can be costly for some considering you will pay an interest amounting to almost double the new motorbike.

If you are lucky enough to get the initial capital, go for a new one. The cost of a new bike costs between KSHS 90000 and 125000 depending on the brand and the seller.


People use the motorbikes for different purposes. Some could use them for retail business like selling airtime while others for psv and milk vending. Our main focus today is on psv. Having yours you need to find a location commonly known as a stage. Pay the registration fee that might cost you up to Kshs 3000.

To that far it will be your turn to work smart. Observe the market and know the right time to work. Waking up early and closing late night can be an added advantage to you. Reports indicate that on average a boda rider can earn up to Kshs1500 excluding fuel and other expenses. That translates to around Kshs45000 a month.

Is it not worth it? Share your opinions below.

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