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Tired Of Using Lot of Fees When Sending Money Via Mpesa? Here Is A New Trick To Send Money for free

The mobile money services has replay been of help to Kenyans, sending money and receiving money each and every moment. It has been a help to businesses and long distance relatives, as they can now send some cash to thier kind, without using the old day Posta which took forever to reach the destination.

However, in as much as it has been of help to many, we are still digging deeper in out pockets to send money using our own phones. The transaction fees have become so high of late making it even harder to send someone cash with the withdrawal fee included.

For example, if you want to send 4000 bob to your friend or family, you will be charged 55 bob. That's ba full loaf of bread my friend, and you still get a balance to chew some fresh on your way back. Now, what if you want to send Ksh 20000 to someone? You will have to folk out, Ksh 102 to send only, and the recepient will have to pay Ksh 191 bob to withdraw the same cash. The transaction alone of that 20k will be almost 300 bob, which is more than enough to sustain a family the whole day, right from the break fast to lunch.

There is however some reprieve for the mobile money users as you can save the sending fees and use them for something else. It's simple, just send the money you want to send to your bank account, that will be free to send. Then from your bank account, send the money to your friend or family, it will be free to send that too. Everyone will be happy at the end of the transaction.

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