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Don't waste money do these simple tricks to improve your savings

Most of the time people find it difficult to save money.

A lot of needs arise whenever people have their salaries. Today I have discovered some simple ways which can help you save.

1.Public Transport

Many people prefer private transport to public transport but I want to assure you that this limits your chances of saving.

Travelling with a private car will need one to purchase fuel which will lower the person's cash in the pocket.

Public transports are also less prone to accidents.

2.Limit personal spending

Personal spending is one of the habits that make people waste money.

Suppose someone earns KSh 6000 per month then out of the salary takes away KSh 1500 for pleasure.

The amount taken away is enough for a one month budget.If it is a must you spend money then you have to plan yourself first.

3.Use electricity approximately

You can do this by switching off the lights whenever unnecessary as this will help reduce the electricity bills at home.

Also make sure to turn off television and radio at night when you are sleeping.

This will help you to avoid huge bills.

4.Avoid unnecessary offers to people

Don't act kindly to everyone you meet out there as you'll find yourself offering them money.

Even the bible says that every one must work and whoever hasn't worked shall not eat.

So let the people work so that they eat.5.Avoid gambling

Most young people love gambling and they end up losing not winning even a single gamble and this end up running their banks low.

Addiction to gambling has become a habit to many teenagers thus they cannot save but use money instead to gamble.

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