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Business Management analysis

Only secrets to make more than kshs 15,000 every month in your M-pesa business.

We all think of starting and managing a business of our own. Sometimes being employed by someone is tiresome and you go through a lot just in the name that you are employed.

Someone employs but at the end of the month he pays you a little amount that can not even sustain you and your own family. Some employers exploit their employees to an extent That you feel demotivated and can even end up resigning for work.

As you work for someone be innovative and think outside the box. Have another ideas despite the fact that somebody has employed to manage for him his business project.

We seek for employment from to work and get paid. As much as you are employed by someone please find other ways if investing in your own business, you never know when he will suck you.

If you want to invest and start your own business and you don't which on can pay you a lucrative amount at the end of the month then I can help you with this idea.

If you have saved more than 90k or even 20k you can invest in M-pesa business. It is a well paying business and the more you invest in it the more commission you get.

Now let me show you how you can make a commission of more than 15,000 shillings if you invest in this business.

Safaricom pays a commission on registering a M-pesa customer. They pay unto a commission of 16 shillings for just registering a new M-pesa customer. After you have registered a customer ask him for some amount and deposit for him to his M-pesa account. The commission will rise from 16 to 20 shillings.

Now imagine you open your M-pesa shop in a remote area where many people want to join safaricom and you manage to register more than six customers every day then that will be (20×6) which is 120 shillings. Add to your normal commission you get from transaction, may be let's say you make a commission of 600 shillings in a day there (600+120) that will total to 720 shillings commission in a day.

If you multiply that with thirty days you will have a commission of 21, 600 shillings. The secret behind M-pesa business is finding a place with a lot of customers which will improve your transaction in a day.

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