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Things That Are Strange For Poor People But Normal For The Rich.

Hello guys, today i thought that i should write something related to the topic stated above. Life has really changed alot, it's evident that you will see a teenager having the ambitions of getting rich. This is something that has caused alot of them to be depressed. I feel it's good if i can share the difference and how you can better your life.

Rich people usually dress simple unlike the poor ones who strive to dress like the rich. That explains why most people end up having difficulty in saving. Having alot of money doesn't mean that you are rich, what matters most is how you can invest that money.


An average rich person has alot of savings. If you want to make it in this life, you need to have different types of saving accounts. A poor person usually finds it hard to save any shillings. You will find that, a poor person is the one who likes to complain that his salary isn't enough.

Once you start planning yourself well, you will notice that there is no differences in salary. It all depends with what you plan to do with your money. One thing you should avoid doing when you want to be rich is to try and and avoid applying for loans.


Poor people think about buying clothes or material thins as investments. On the other hand, rich people struggle to find entrepreneurs who can help them with financial ideas. They usually try to find things that will earn them profit depending with how the market is.

Once a rich person has no idea on what he should do with his money, he buys land and build rental houses. That's another good way you can invest. Spending your money on fancy things will attract ladies for a short while and when you go broke, you will be left all alone.

Reading personal development books.

Great minds discuss ideas. So when you read books, you tend to help your brain grow. Rich people usually see a reason as to why they should read books. Poor people usually find it difficult to read books because they think that it's a waste of time.

Most wealth principles are contained in books. Poor people would rather pay for subscriptions related to movies unlike those which are related to books. You shouldn't just read any book but those which are related to negotiations, finance and economics. Thanks for your time and see you soon.

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