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How To Cheaply Build a Mansion In The Village, See How To Save Your Money

Having a better house has always been the dream of each and every person. Shelter among the basic wants for human existence. This basically means that we need the house in order to survive and live comfortably. Of course you can always build any house but if you are a man of style and wealthy, then you need the house that matches your class and wishes. It's to this point that most of us get inspired to start building a beautiful house.

When it comes to this, capital might be a major challenge to some of us. However, if you live in a village then there is always a breakthrough in this. You can always build a house cheaply with as low as Ksh 400,000. Most people would argue that Ksh 400,000 cannot build a house. I'm saying it can build due to the following reasons.

1. Availability of ballast and Sand in the village.

If you're building a house in the village, you can easily obtain ballast by sending children around the village to collect some stones. As this happens, you can send some casual workers to the river and fetch some sand leaving it to dry for sometime. this sand and ballast has always been the expensive part when it comes to building a house. If you live in the village, definitely going to save all this since you're going to acquire this materials for free.

2. Availability of timber

In the construction of a house, timber is normally used in making roofing among other internal structures. Timber is very expensive however, you can always acquire it easily from the family tree farm. All you need is to spend some cash to cut it down and spread into pieces by paying the specialist. This will also save you a good sum of money reducing the cost of constructing a house.

3. Making bricks from your own farm

Bricks among the basic requirements when building a house. In fact, to build a big and better mansion, you need several bricks. You can always find someone who is good at making fabrics from mad into a ceramic which is used in construction. This trick is going to save you a lot of money that is how you're going to spend little money to construct a house in the village.

With the remaining amount of money, you can always use it to acquire things that cannot be acquired locally like cement, iron sheets, nails, paying the workers, tiles and several other items which help in completion of the house.

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