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You Aren't Alone, Well Known City Lawyer Who Have Been Listened In CRB Over Kshs.1300 Only

Thousands of Kenyans visit banks and other financial institutions every day to apply for loans to cover their immediate expenses. Loans are used by some for growth, others for medical bills, and yet others for emergency services.However, some of them default on loans, which results in a bad credit report (CRB). They are consequently unable to obtain bank credit.

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Safiricom Limited offers Fuliza as a service. Even if they don't have enough money in their Mpesa Wallet, the program nevertheless allows users to send money to others. Many people who are in financial need are being helped by the program. NCBA is the provider of the service.Philip Murgor, an attorney for Azimio, has vowed to sue NCBA Bank if the CRB listing exceeds Ksh 1,300. The leading litigant has vowed to file a lawsuit, accusing the bank of failing to conduct due diligence before incorrectly identifying him. Thank you for reading this article remember to click, share, comment and follow me for more updates.

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