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Overcome the ‘Your price is too high’ Objection (with the 3F’s method)

So today I’m going to share an easy and practical way to overcome sales objections. One of the biggest purchases people are making in life is to buy a house, either for living or as a long-term investment.

Most people need to save a few years, so they have a deposit and they still need to take out a loan that'll take 15 to 20 years to pay off.

One of the costs of buying or selling a house is the agent's commission and this certain client of mine charges a higher than industry average commission and because of that from time to time he receives pushbacks from people.

When that happens, he uses the 3F’s method of overcoming objections.

Feel, Felt, and Found.

For example, I understand that you feel the commission is one percent higher, some of my current clients have felt the same way. What they found is we spend a lot of time understanding the dream property that you are looking for and we only show you properties that match your requirements.

We help you save a lot of time and it speeds up the process for you.

Overall, when he says that, 80% of the people go ahead and sign the contract. So let's break down why that works.

So well, when you tell somebody I understand how you feel tells the customers that you have heard them and you can empathize with the situation.

When you tell them about somebody else has felt the same way, you're telling the customers that they're not alone and things can change for the better, of course finally when you share with them that the person found success in trusting you, you get a chance to share a positive transformation and testimony all in one go.

So next time when somebody gives you an objection, take a deep breath, gather your thoughts and use the 3F method and watch your conversions go up.

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