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Why Safaricom Helped Former Prisoner Listed in CRB Over Mshwari Loan

A Kenyan borrowing money rom Mshwari.

More than 4.2 million Kenyans are listed in the Credit Reference Bureau (CRB), according to the Central Bank of Kenya.

Economic hardships have forced many to borrow money from various lending platforms but some have been unable to repay.

There are those whose national identification cards (ID) have been used to register mobile phone numbers and subsequently used to borrow money before the numbers are dumped.

This has forced the victims to be blacklisted by CRB without their knowledge, hampering their future intents to borrow from bank or online platforms.

This was the case of Rasesh Shah who was lucky the Safaricom came to his rescue after he raised his case with The Nairobian Defender.

Shah is a former prisoner. He walked out of prison in December last year after serving 13 years.

A man behind bars. Safaricom rescued an ex-convict.

He told the Nairobian Defender how he was shocked to learn that he owed Mshwari Sh6, 000.

“Unknown to me, somebody had used my ID details to register a SIM card in 2017. He/she went ahead to borrow Sh6, 000 from Mshwari and the dumped the card” he said.

He was in the process of borrowing a loan of Sh50, 000 from a bank to re-start his left when he got the shocking news that he had been blacklisted.

His complaint was published by the local daily after his several attempts to seek help from the company,

Safaricom probed the case and now Shah is happy after he was delisted.

The company said they proved it was not Shah who borrowed the loan even if his ID was used.

This was one of the rare instances Safaricom has processed the removal of a client from CRB over a loan.

Safaricom headquarters in Westlands, Nairobi.

“I thought being an ex-prisoner nobody would listen to my pleas but now I am sorted and free to borrow a loan,” he told The Nairobian.

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