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Credit card loan


Easy Process to Clear From CRB to Avoid Being Barred From Getting Loans From Money Lending Platforms

If you get a loan from money lending platforms and you fail to pay back just like agreed, the platform end up reporting you to the CRB. Once you are listed in CRB you can't be able to secure loans from any money lending platforms. There are so many other negative effects of being listed in CRB. The best thing you can still clear your name from the CRB and still access some loans.Clearing from the CRB is an easy process that can just take few days to be processed. All you need to do is to visit the nearest CRB branch. Right now there are so many brances in most part of the country. You can also visit their website to confirm the location of the nearest branch. You need to carry your ID card that will be used to verify your identity.

Once you visit the CRB office you will be required to pay ksh 2200 as the clearance fee. You will also need to pay other loans and their interests. Its wise to note that 2200 is just for clearing and not paying for outstanding loans. The clearing process take about three days. Secondly, note that even after clearing you will still be black listed due to your previous loan faults.

If you have not been listed in CRB please make sure you pay your loans to avoid this. Sometimes being listed in CRB may affect your credit trust such that no institution will give you any loan. Secondly, your certificate of good conduct may have your credit record which can make it so hard to secure job from companies and other institutions.Please shares.

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