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Habits Poor People Do That the Rich Don't

Poor people tend to have excuses for not being successful and blame other people for the difficult financial situation that they are going through. There are some factors beyond our control, but you control ninety nine percent of your life, so this means that you are in charge of your life.

Relationships, health, and education are all important aspects of success. People should strive to build their capacity on these life aspects to increase their chances of being successful in life.


The difference between the poor and the rich is that poor people choose to victimize themselves while the rich look into their problem, study it, know how it happened and strategize on how to protect themselves from the same event happening in the future. While poor people choose to play victims and indulge in blame games because of what has happened to them, the rich see this as a learning lesson and use it as a growing point in their lives.

Poor people have no money saved in their savings account. The secret behind saving money is that saved money allows or creates an opportunity for growth. Saved money allows you to solve problems that will occur in the future and go back to making more money.

Most poor people liquidate their assets such as land or their cars at a price that is lower than the market value so as to settle urgent situations. The rich retain their position because the only thing they have lost is their savings. When a poor person is handling the same situation, their lifestyle changes dramatically because they lose assets that they liquidated.


Another thing fascinating about poor people is that they are religious. They believe that there is a deity that is in control of their lives and that this supreme being is going to make them successful one day.

Most poor people believe that it is the will of this supreme deity that they experience suffering before becoming rich later on in their lives. You will find that most poor people are blindfolded by the mentality that suffering is part of being successful that one can overcome by just praying.

While the poor are praying for their suffering to be miraculously transformed into riches, the rich are busy strategizing on how to invest. The point, do not just pray but actualize the dreams you have by planning your actions.

No supreme deity is against people living a comfortable life on earth and this is a deep-rooted mentality that has to be changed for people to realize success has nothing to do with praying for a miracle to happen to transform your life overnight. Everything has to be executed with a strategy for success to be achieved.


As a human being, there is no parent who is happy when their children are suffering and, as a loving parent, they do anything possible to make their children live a comfortable lifestyle.

Always remember that the earth is made up of more than seven billion people and the world will always move forward with or without you therefore be motivated to make an impact in your life and the people around you. 

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