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Increase Your Fuliza Limit By Doing The Following

Fuliza M-Pesa is a service that allows Safaricom subscribers to get a short term loan when carrying a transaction, but has insufficient funds in their M-Pesa account.

Every registered user is treated differently. Each mobile number that qualifies is awarded different limit according to the usage of the M-Pesa services.

Many people are getting disappointed when they try to get a loan, but their limit is zero. This has forced many to look for ways of increasing their limits.

In this article, we are going to see how you can pull your limit.

To register for the service, you only press the USSD code *234# and select option 0 for Fuliza. You will be asked if you want to join the service. Accept the terms and conditions.

Now, if your limit is zero, this is what to do.

Opt out of the service then opt in again. Just follow the simple step for opting in. If you are lucky enough, you will see a limit increase.

Remember to pay your loan on time because every account is reviewed after every three months.

Hint: If you have a limit of more than 5000/-, it is not advisable to opt out then in because your limit may be lowered to something under 1000/-.

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