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Give Your Full Salary to your Husband if you have this Problem

I am an impulse buyer and tend to make poor spending decisions. For example, when I receive even a small amount of money , I often can't think of what to do with it and end up using it unwisely. Later, I regret my decision and wish I had saved the money instead. This also happens with my salary - when I get paid, I often go out and buy anything that catches my eye. As a result, I sometimes cry and wonder why I made such poor choices with my money. I have even prayed to God for help with saving and using my money wisely. I know that a lack of budgeting and failing to stick to a budget are contributing factors to my poor spending habits. However, I am not sure why I have such difficulty sticking to a budget, even though I know it is important.

Developing good saving and budgeting habits can be a challenge, and it may require intervention from a higher power. If you are struggling with impulse buying and poor spending habits, and it is causing significant problems in your life, it might be helpful to seek out support and guidance. Maybe you, the reader, can help me in this regard, as I am really struggling with these issues. When I receive my salary, I often forget about all my problems and spend the money without thinking. Later, I regret my decisions heavily, but by then it is too late - the money is already gone. I am seeking help in improving my saving and budgeting discipline, as this is something that is really affecting me.

As a result of my poor spending habits, I have decided to give my salary to my husband, who is more disciplined with money and does not engage in impulse buying like I do. By doing this, we hope to be able to use the money more constructively and make progress as a family. So far, this decision has been helpful and we have been able to work on meaningful projects together. I understand that this solution may not work for everyone, but for those who struggle with impulse buying and poor spending habits like me, it could be worth considering.

Overall, it is beneficial to have an accountability partner who can support and encourage you to make responsible financial decisions. Sharing your projects and plans for your salary with this person can help to keep you focused and motivated, and they can also remind you of your goals when you are tempted to spend unwisely. Engaging your spouse in this process can also be helpful, as it can strengthen your communication and teamwork as a couple. Dedicating your salary to a joint account can be another way to ensure that your money is being used wisely and in a way that aligns with your shared goals and values

Content created and supplied by: Rahab Wairimu (via Opera News )


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