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Huge Blow to Tala And Branch As Gov't Flags Them For Breaching Customers Data

Every day millions of kenyans approaches banks and other financial institution to get loans for various reasons. Some go for loans to finance their businessess while others go for loans to meet other expenses. Many people have also been going for mobile loan apps such as Tala and Branch.

However, many have not been able to pay their loans leading to negative listing by CRB. Today, government has flagged 40 mobile loan apps for breach of customers data. Tala and Branch are among 40 lenders that have been affected.

The lenders are accused of, among others, breaching borrowers’ privacy by accessing their contacts and calling them in efforts to coerce the borrower to offset his or her loan.

This is a huge blow to Tala, Branch and 38 mobile loan apps who have been flagged for misusing customers data. This comes at a time the two Loan Apps are yet to be given license to fully operate in the country.

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